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Detric what you are doing matters. It matters to me. I have found a sense of self. And I like it. I can play with my kids. And I like it. I can walk through a grocery store, or a parking lot and not hold my head down in shame because of how I feel about the passerby's judging me. I can look in a mirror and genuinely smile. My 4 year old use to call me a "big mommy". He stopped using it about 2 months ago. When I asked, he said its cause I'm a much smaller mommy now. The motivation, environment provided, encouragement given. It all matters to those of us who are taking their lives back. So thank you Detric. Thank you so very much. -Kymberly Casone


helping Williamsburg look and feel great

"After 6 months I am down 60 pounds! You helped me get healthy. You helped me like ME again. I am so truly grateful to you and to all of Team RPT for showing me what I am capable of and helping me to get there. Thank you for your patience and guidance. Thank you for your optimism - always with an encouraging word or message. Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are - you help people reach their potential and you have no idea how much I respect and admire that gift. I am so thankful to have met you and to a part of the team at Results PerformanceTraining."

– Kacie Mclean

Discover How You Can Take Your Fitness Up A Notch…

Are you tired of seeing mediocre results with your workout program?

Or, are you just starting on your path to fitness and haven’t a clue where to begin?

If so, I have your solution.


"Detric is THE BOMB! In just six months I have lost 28 pounds and I am stronger than I have ever been. Last week I wanted to move a table on my deck and nobody was around to help. So, I picked it up and carried it where it needed to be moved (about 25 ft. away) and put it down without giving it a thought. I never would have been able to do that before I joined Detric’s class"

Nancy M.
Gloucester, VA

My name is Detric Smith and I am a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist and an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. I have been working in the health and fitness field for over a decade and have helped hundreds of people achieve their body weight and fitness goals.

Now, it’s your turn.

Early on in my career, I decided that I wanted to bring people the best of the best. I saw so many money-hungry fitness clubs out there that were just out to take client’s money and didn’t really care whether or not that client even saw the results they were looking for.

“When my youngest child turned one I realized that I spent the last four years putting parenting ahead of everything else including myself. I received an email about boot camp and emailed Detric to see if this was even something I could do after not working out for four years. Detric was encouraging and sincere so I decided to give it a try. I am so happy that I did. The class is an eclectic mix of people with different abilities. Detric works with people on an individual level to make sure they are working up to their potential. He is truly an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and is willing to help you along your own personal journey. I have made great strides in boot camp. I have lost 15 pounds and my three year old even notices that Mommy has muscles. The class is fun and is always changing to keep it interesting. It’s a great group with lots of energy lead by a compassionate trainer that has your best interest at heart.”

– Christina
Williamsburg, VA

That’s when I decided it was time to change that and create a workout facility that put the client first. A facility where needs were met and people were heard.

My Results Performance Training Facility is where you need to be if you are serious about reaching your fitness goals.

So what can you expect when you join us at the club and become part of the family?

"I had the opportunity to work with Detric Smith while I was attending High School. I was a very lean light weight track athlete that competed in the sprint events. Coach Smith designed an effective weight program for me that year that allowed me to gain the muscle needed to reach my athletic goals. That year I broke the school record in the 100 meter dash that stood for more than a decade. I continued my success throughout my high school career and received a full athletic scholarship to Virginia Tech. Coach Smith is very passionate and dedicated in everything he does. He took the time to develop my strength as well as technique for me to reach my athletic performance goals. He also found a way to motivate me on days where I didn’t feel as mentally prepared. I am confident to say that you will not be disappointed after working with Detric Smith. I have yet to meet someone as dedicated and committed to helping others achieve their fitness goals. "

-Keith Ricks, Virginia Tech 100m record holder

Some of the benefits that my members receive include:

Qualified Personal Trainers. At most chain gyms, you get personal trainers who have been certified with a weekend course. Here at my facility, my trainers are certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning association. These are the top level certification facilities in the nation.
Intricate Customization Suited To YOU. We do not provide cookie-cutter programs here. Each client gets a sit-down meeting with a trainer where goals are discussed and an action plan is created. This will include nutritional help to ensure you see optimal results. We provide everything you need to get results.
Affordable Sessions. It’s no secret that personal training can get pricey. I do not feel this should be a limiting factor. At Results Performance Training, you can get a full month of training for less than what you’d pay for just three sessions with most trainers. It’s the cost-effective way to get fit!
Accountability. Our trainers aren’t out to just earn money – they’re out to help people. It’s a requirement of working with me. At our facility, we hold you accountable to make sure that you are making progress. We won’t just ‘take your money and run’, like most chain-gym trainers do.
Workout Variety. What’s the number one reason most people don’t see success? They get bored and fall off the bandwagon. This will not happen when you train with us. Each workout you do will be completely unique from the last, so you’ll constantly be interested in each and every session you do. Kiss boredom good bye!

If you’re ready to take control over your health and fitness level and finally get the results that you’ve dreamed of, come see me at Results Performance Training. I will be with you every step of the way, so you’ll never feel alone.

Together we will build you the body of your dreams.

Email me at with free session in the title and I will send over the required paperwork and set up a time to discuss your goals and get you in for a free session.

"Being sixty years old and very much in need of conditioning, I have required encouragement and sensitivity to needs of an older adult. Detric has provided both as my personal trainer. I made a point of attending my personal training sessions because of my respect for Detric as a trainer and because I needed a crutch to help me break through my negative health habits acquired over the last few years. I simply could not accomplish what Detric and I have accomplished without his example, knowledge, and experience. His own state of personal health is immediately recognizable; his professional manner remains consistent throughout all sessions; his sense of how to push his clients is based in his knowledge of human physiology; his determination is contagious."


We are different. Email with free session in the title and I will send over the required paperwork and set up a time to discuss your goals and get you in for a free session.


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Certified personal trainer Detric Smith offers personal training and fitness boot camp services in Williamsburg Virginia within driving distance of York County Jamestown Norfolk Virginia Beach Gloucester Point Chesapeake Hampton Richmond West Point Poquoson Rushmere Surry and Smithfield VA in the Hampton Roads Metro Area.